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Best Practices For Choosing The Right Managed Network Services Provider

managed network servicesYour company has IT needs. You are contemplating whether you should hire an in-house expert of if you should team up with a managed network services provider. There are disadvantages and advantages for both options. With an outsource partner handling any in-house functions deemed as critical, you can be assured that you are investing in something that can prove to be invaluable for your business. But you also need to remember that if you want to achieve what you are set on accomplishing, you also need to make sure that you have clearly defined a set of goals.

Below are some tips that can help you choose the right provider.

Tip #1: Take a look at the level of support provided by the provider.

What do we mean by support? The support that we are referring to here is how accessible the provider is if ever things do go wrong. Why? Because things can go wrong at any time of the day and not just within office hours. You want to have a service provider that can give you support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Having this kind of provider will certainly put you at peace when you leave your office at the end of the day. You know that if anything should go wrong, they have your back.

Tip #2: Do a test run.

Before you sign an agreement or contract with any service provider, you have to make sure that you already have an insight on what you can expect to get from the provider. How can you get this insight? Ask them to do a test run. This way you will be able to see with your own eyes how a managed services provider will perform.

Tip #3: Do they have a local presence?

It is good for a company to have 24/7 support. But you should not just stop at that. You might want to check if they are available physically. A company that has established a local presence means you will be able to stop by every now and then and observe their internal operations. This kind of security is something that you will only get with locally present providers.

Tip #4: Take a look at their track record.

As you can see, this does not need much explanation because it is quite self-explanatory. But let us have a quick discussion about it anyway. Think of it this way, when you book a service or buy a product, would you really opt for one that has gotten bad reviews or one that does not have a good track record? You would not, right? When it comes to outsourcing your IT needs, you should also set the same standards. You want a company that is reputable when it comes to delivering as agreed on.

 Tip #5: Before you sign any contract, make sure that you do a financial analysis.

You want to be with a provider whose cost is within your budget and is realistic. Do not be afraid to ask the provider about the financial details.

IT Consulting Companies and When You Should Consult Them

IT Consulting Companies and When You Should Consult ThemIt is obvious how information technology has played an important part in today’s society and the different fields in it like commercial and industrial fields among many others. It is prevalent in today’s world and in order for a business to stay relevant, be easily accessible and more efficient and productive, they should be able to have an IT support group and know how to utilize them effectively. This is where IT consulting companies come in. Since not many of us have sufficient knowledge on Information technology, there are those who offer and provide advice and support on how to handle IT services and operations in the best possible way. If you are thinking on whether you should try contacting an IT consulting company, here are some of the things that they can do for you to help you decide on whether you need them or not.

Provide IT Strategy

Whether you are just starting your business or have been managing it for a long time, there is always room for improvement. This companies offer advice and strategies to help you develop a better and the best way to improve your IT operations and therefore increase your business’ productivity and efficiency as well as to help you reach the goals of your business. Remember that having a good strategy in everything is important and consulting for them is necessary especially if you do not have enough knowledge on a specific field.

Looking for Professional IT Help

If you are on a hiring limit or just want to save budget for other improvements, they can also offer professional IT technicians and staff to your business to help you manage and troubleshoot operations and functions. This way, you can have easy access to IT support and be able to be confident in your business operations and IT functions as well as software problems, data base storage, and protection.

Having an IT support group is a big advantage for your business since they will be able to provide help and support easily when you need them. They can also offer solutions and improvement that you and your other team may have not thought about before because of their different skill set and knowledge.

Wants to Have Faster and Efficient Operation

IT professionals have specialized in making operations and function easier, s, and more efficient. They are always looking for improvement and solving problems. Because of this, they are very helpful in providing ways for a business to achieve faster and efficient operations, functions, as well as production. Therefore, you are able to increase your profit and good reputation in the industry and to customers in the long run and can help you achieve your business goals faster and easier.

From consulting to providing strategies and operations and staff, IT companies are able to provide many things to both small and big businesses.  Consulting IT companies can greatly help a business improve and be able to become more competent and efficient. With the help of this type of company, you can be confident with not only your IT related system but also your business’ overall output and competence.


What is Remote Tech Support and its Advantages and Disadvantages

Why Even Small Businesses need IT SupportWith the busy world that we live in, we have developed many ways of communication that will give us convenience and speed. Being able to communicate quickly and efficiently is very important in today’s society especially in the business and commercial world. This is why companies have developed what people now call the remote tech support or help desk support. These are software that enables a representative, which is usually an IT technician to connect to a remote computer from their own devicethrough the Internet. The software used by the IT technicians is also able to synchronize and transfer files, and desktop sharing among others.

If you are planning on having IT support but cannot decide on whether to hire full time employees, outsource the service or just opt for remote tech support instead, here are the few things that will help you see and realize the convenience of choosing remote tech support as well as its drawbacks.

Can provide help and support from a distance

Being able to have support just a phone call away is a good thing especially for those who are located in remote areas and wants something fixed immediately or do not have the luxury of time to go out and try to find someone who can fix something IT related. If you want to hire the best IT technicians but cannot do so due to distance and the location of your business, you can opt for choosing a good company with good remote tech support reputation.

The bad thing that can happen from this is since the two parties are not together side by side, some misunderstandings can occur and solving the problem may take a little time if clear communication is not done.

Is convenient

Opting for remote tech support can be considered convenient if you seldom need IT support and maintenance. This is why it is better for those who are running small to medium sized businesses. You are able to save money since you can only ask for their service when you only need them.

But there are times when having a permanent IT support team are more convenient especially if you often run into problems. If so, you might want to choose going for full time employees or outsourcing. It will also be better for you since you can have more control over the IT technicians that you will hire.

Can save money

If you are on limited budget or just simply want to cut cost, you can opt for availing remote tech support for your office or business’ IT needs. This is especially recommended for those who are running small to medium sized businesses. On the other hand, if you have a big business, it would be better to just hire full time IT technicians since there will be a lot to handle and you might need help constantly simply because of the size of your company.

There are many ways that you can get IT support and what is best for you and your business depends on what kind of services and operations you do as well as the overall size and budget of your business.


Why Even Small Businesses need IT Support

Why Even Small Businesses need IT SupportOur world today mostly runs on computer software and the internet. This is why businesses, small and big, also need to keep up and provide service and operations online. If you are planning on running or building a small business, it is important for you to not overlook the importance of having an IT group or support. Although it may be wiser for small businesses to just outsource instead of hiring a full time IT group in order to save money and be able to control their funds. Nevertheless, having an IT service is something that every business should have. Here are some of the reasons why having IT support is essential.

Database and backup

Having IT service or support means that your business will have an easier time accessing and keeping records by creating a database in which important information can be stored. With the help of technology, inputting and passing information around the office or departments can be easier and can save time. Backups can also be created in order for the data to be recoverable in case unexpected problems arise.

An IT support group can also help in issues or problems that are related to their department. If the business or office encounters a problem related to IT, they can easily fix it and will help the business not lose profit and important time.


IT support also provides extra protection to the information that your business has. Protection from viruses as well as hackers is very important in a business. Remember that if certain information stolen by competitors or hackers who wish to do harm, it may cause your business and you name’s downfall. Your clients or customers may have a hard time trusting you and your business again. Protection from viruses is also important in order for you to not lose the important data stored in your network. If a virus is able to get into your computer or network, aside from slowing down your computers, there is also the risk of corrupting your data and even stealing them and your passwords.

Provide convenience and accuracy

You can attract customers through the internet and this can help small businesses in having more exposure as well as a wider market and more since people usually opt for easier and more convenient ways to search for the services or products that they are looking for. And what is easier than looking and filling up or ordering through the internet?

Aside from this, inputting information to the database can be more accurate since the text and display are easier to read and understand compared to differing handwritings. Machines are also able to provide accurate calculations and this will leave a smaller margin of error to the information provided in your database.

There are a lot of things that can happen if you do not have an IT support. It can affect your business’ profit and productivity and even your customers’ contentment with your services. Aside from this, having an IT support group can also help your business in being more updated with the trends which can help you in improving and growing your business.